-NEMSmod - Modeling and Order Reduction of Nanometer Electromechanical Systems (IE02037)
Acronym: NEMSmod
Luis Miguel Teixeira D Avila Pinto da Silveira
From 07-Jan-2013 to 30-Jun-2015
Prime Contractor: INESC-ID (Other)
Financed by: FCT (Other)
Partnerships: CONVENTOR Inc. (Company) -U.S.A
, INESC-ID (Other)
Members: Luis Miguel Teixeira D Avila Pinto da Silveira, Joćo Pedro Laranjeira de Brito Afonso

The goal of this project is to carry out a coordinated research effort to address some of the critical challenges arising in the modelling and simulation of IMNS, by developing novel systematic hierarchical approaches for modelling, design, and simulation for IMNS. The project has two main objectives: the first one is the development of innovative design methodologies and tools for next generation IMNS, namely a co-design and integration environment enabling hierarchical multi-level and multi-physics full simulation, and thus allowing for design optimization. The second objective, instrumental to the first, is the development of modelling and design techniques, methods and tools to perform multi-domain simulation and optimization at various levels of abstraction and across different technology domains. Jointly they enable the development of new design methodologies and tools that can generate automatically parametric models of IMNS and that support a hierarchical modelling procedure for the design of complex integrated systems.