-HiFi-MRI: Whole-Brain Functional Connectivity Analysis of Ultra High Field MRI (IE02036)
Acronym: HiFi-MRI
Luis Miguel Teixeira D Avila Pinto da Silveira
From 07-Jan-2013 to 30-Jun-2015
Prime Contractor: INESC-ID (Other)
Financed by: FCT (Other)
Partnerships: INESC-ID (Other)
, Instituto de Sistemas e Robótica (Other) - Lisboa, PORTUGAL
, MIT Health Science and Technologic/Harvard Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging (Other) -U.S.A
Members: Luis Miguel Teixeira D Avila Pinto da Silveira

Mapping brain function in living humans has been a topic of intense research for several decades. It is believed that the brain is organized into sets of functionally distinct regions or networks, each performing its own function. Furthermore, these networks seem to exhibit some hierarchy, being comprised of subnetworks, with distinct but related functions that, evidence suggests, are connected both spatially and temporally.
The three main outcomes of this project will be: (1) new computational models and tools for analysis of whole-brain ultra-high field r-fMRI, in order to extract functional connectivity patterns across the brain and underlying functional network; (2) improved methods and algorithms for the analysis of functional networks, with emphasis on methods for the identification of recurrent patterns and clusters in scale-free complex networks; and (3) increased understanding of the added value of ultra-high field MRI in the analysis of resting state brain functional connectivity, as compared with data obtained using other methods.