Juan Antonio Acebron de Torres
At Inesc since: 2012-11-01
phone: +351-213100313
Ext.: 2313
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International Journal Articles
-Juan Acebron and Marco Ribeiro, A Monte Carlo method for solving the one-dimensional telegraph equations with boundary conditions, Journal of Computational Physics, to appear. Article [DOI link] [bibTeX]
-Sara Mancini and Francisco Bernal and Juan Acebron, An Efficient Algorithm for Accelerating Monte Carlo Approximations of the Solution to Boundary Value Problems, Journal of Scientific Computing, to appear. Article [DOI link] [bibTeX]
-Francisco Bernal and Juan Acebron and Immanuel Anjam, A Stochastic Algorithm Based on Fast Marching for Automatic Capacitance Extraction in Non-Manhattan Geometries, SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences, to appear. [bibTeX]
-Juan Acebron and Angel Rodriguez-Rozas, Highly efficient numerical algorithm based on random trees for accelerating parallel Vlasov–Poisson simulations, Journal of Computational Physics, to appear. [bibTeX]